WOW! What a weekend.

We had a great time Scrap booking & Stamping this weekend. 

I am always a little apprehensive about doing retreats in the summer. The great thing about this bunch of gals is the events are never boring one of them always come up with crazy ideas.

I have here some of the cards that were made this weekend.  Everyone is so willing to share ideas and projects. I understamd some people do not like to pack all there stuff to go and create, but We all learn new ideas from each other. The best part of this is the friendships you make and relationships that are built doing it. 

June retreat

Join Us  for a summer get-together.

Summer Retreat
June 27th -28th 
27th  12 noon until 11 pm
28th  8 am - 11 pm
Registration :
$25 for one Day 
$40 for both days. 
Hy-Vee Clubroom

great times are had by all

 register by calling 507-451-3920


I have mixed emotions about Spring and Summer coming, 
I Love to make cards and Scrapbook, but in the summer there is so much more to do outside. I have decided I am setting aside at least a hour a week to do projects. People deserve handmade cards in the summer also! here are a few new ones I have made, as well as some new stamps from Whipper Snapper that have arrived.

March Retreat

What a great time, wonderful people many great
 ideas shared and we even manage to get
 some cards made and some scrapbook pages done!







Winter time Blahhs....

Winter time Blahhs....

How do you handle winter time Blahs? Well, I like to set myself up an area and  Be creative.
I sometimes just find myself experimenting with papers and special cuts or differant stamps that I have not used for a long time. It is nice to sometimes step out if the box and see what happens.
These are some card I made using  that state of mind.

This card I made for my grand-daughter's birthday. Princess Lizzy, It is made with the center cut down and steps so the princesses can stand inside the card. I used Princess Chipboard images with matching papers.
This card was made for a young ladies birthday who was just in a play called "Mittens".
With this card I did the same center cut and folds so I could have a variety of depth and dimention.
I used stickers for some of the accents, as well as using papers to decorate. Grandma provided me with a photo to make it personal for this young lady. These not only make great cards they are also keep sakes.

Stickles™ Glitter Glue

Let your art "sparkle" with acid free, non-settling Stickles™ glitter glue! Easily write, dot, dash, draw and embellish on paper and rubber stamping projects, candles, memory album covers and more! Available in .5 oz. fine point applicator tip bottles.

Acid free
• Non-toxic
• Non-settling
• Easy-flow tip
• Water wash-off

I love to use glitter glue especially at this time of year for Valentines !

I found this article on these stamp pads and thought I would share.

Shadow Ink pads each come in cube size (1" x 1"), full size, and as a reinker.

More Resources
Tip:Shadow Ink pads are specially-formulated acid-free, dye inks designed for use with Hero Arts Shadow Stamps, offering some of the softest hues of color available for background stamping.

Suggested Materials:
View all the colors and varieties of our Shadow Ink line of soft hues in Hero Products.

Shadow Ink
By Hero Arts Staff

Using Hero Arts Shadow Stamps® to make a solid background of color creates the perfect canvas for creating beautiful and original card creations. There are many ways to use these versatile background stamps, and numerous techniques on how to use them, but one of the first things to consider when using these stamps is the type of ink that will best convey the look you want to create. Our dye-based Shadow Ink®, available in very soft pastel muted hues, bring out the best in Shadow Stamps. Dye Properties
Dye ink pads come in all varies, and most are acid-free, archival and dry quickly on any surface. Dye ink pads are also great to use in combination with water coloring, since dye ink is permanent and does not run. In particular, dye ink pad works beautifully with Shadow Stamps. Dye pads are good for background stamping since dye ink generally soaks into porous papers and thus becomes more muted as it dries. Using Shadow
Ink Shadow Ink pads have much less color when compared to other dye inks, in order to get a "soft" wash. When you look at the pad, it appears darker and more saturated then it really is. However, when you stamp it, you will soon see the soft properties. Due to the soft colors in our Shadow Ink line of dye pads, it takes a bit of practice to get a smooth impression with a new pad. It is best to ink your stamp by lightly tapping the rubber to the ink pad a few times rather than pressing down firmly on the ink pad. Sometimes small "bubbles" can form on the rubber of the stamp (this will lessen as the ink pad gets more use). If this happens, then continue to tap the rubber gently to the ink pad to help distribute the pools of color more evenly across the stamp image. Next, stamp with a soft touch. The Wonder of Soft Hues
As the stamped impression dries, it becomes lighter and the soft wash of color settles evenly on the paper. This soft color offers many opportunities for creativity that other pads -- even other dye pads -- do not. For example, since the color is so subtle, you can make wonderful backgrounds of soft colors as the "canvas" for almost any card creation. Also, Shadow Ink pads and reinkers are often used by stampers "direct to paper," by putting the ink onto the paper using the ink pad or a paint brush in order to add color and intrigue to cards. And tone-on-tone stamping, different shades of the same color (such as soft leaf ink on a light green card), work ideally with the light hues of Shadow Ink. Shadow Ink pads offer some of the softest colors available for background stamping, and thus offer endless possibilities when making your "shadow" creations.

Holiday Cards Personal or Business

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