Transparency Fun

Browsing the internet, I always find things I want to try with my scrapbooking. I found THIS idea, and thought I would try it out.
I created this design in Photoshop, but you could make something similar in Microsoft Word. MSWord has great and easy ways to create word art, which is perfect for this project. You could also doodle a design, scan it into your computer, and print it out on a transparency!
I have uploaded this particular design HERE, if you would like to give this technique a try!
I tried printing it on a transparency at home, but had difficulty with it feeding properly (bad printer!). It printed fine on regular paper though, so I took that into Kathey to have it copied to transparency.
I flipped the copied transparency over, so the text read backwards. I painted the designs with acrylic paint. Its very easy, just make sure you stay in the lines, like in a coloring book. If you do make a mistake, you will have a little bit of time to wipe off the paint and start over. I had to use 2 coats of paint for the opaque look I was going for.
Let the paint dry completely and assemble your layout. Remember, brads are a great way to adhere the transparency to the background paper. Take a look at my finished layout:

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