Lookie what we have....

That is the brand-new-just-out-of-the-box Cricut Expression Machine!
It also came with 2 new cartridges that we are able to add to our expanding library. The possibilities are endless with this larger format die-cutting machine. I used it to make 2 very quick sample page layouts, both made from 1 cut on the machine. We are so excited to have this in the store!
We also have in the store some new products for the Cricut machines. Kathey ordered the Cricut markers, which allow you to draw your design rather than cut it. I saw great page background made that way, and want to test the markers out soon.
We also have Vinyl for the Cricut. You can use it to cut lettering to stick to your walls, windows, etc. This is yet another thing we are dying to try out, but have seen some cool things done with it. I even saw how someone used the vinyl as a mask on etch glass!
Hopefully, I will show you some examples of theses ideas in the next week or two.

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