Need a reason?

On the left side of the blog we have listed some upcoming holidays where you might want to give a gift or a card. Maybe you'll even want to scrapbook them.
Here are some upcoming days to ponder:
Oct. 18th - Sweetest Day
Make something sweet for your sweetest.
Oct. 19th - Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day
They need to be appreciated, too.
Oct. 26th - Mother-In-Law Day
Maybe she would appreciate a card from her favorite daughter-in-law?
Oct. 28th - Chocolates Day
Any reason to celebrate chocolate is a good thing :)
Oct. 31st - Halloween
Be sure to get lots of photos of your little spooks.
Oct. 31st - National Caramel Apple Day
Put together a caramel apple kit to pass along to a friend. Complete the gift with a hand stamped recipe card.

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