Product Review- Stickles Glitter Glue from Ranger Ink

If you have not yet tried Stickles, you are really missing out. Stickles is one of the easiest ways to add that accent to really make your projects sparkle. It’s acid free so you don’t have to worry when placing it on your scrapbook pages, or even on photos.

Basically, Stickles is glitter glue, meaning the glitter is suspended in a clear drying glue. The glue itself is quick drying, especially if used in small amounts. It’s non-toxic, non-settling, and washes off with water if you happen to get some on you. Most people who use this product for the fist time are amazed at how much dimension it adds to their project, especially embellishments. The product also sticks well to most surfaces, so you can really think outside the box. According to the Ranger Ink website, it is even supposed to stick to candles!

Another great thing about Stickles, is a little goes a long way. I prefer to use a very thin layer for most of my projects. Combine pricing at only $1.99 for a .5oz bottle, and the fact that you can use it very sparingly on your individual projects, I have found that Stickles is one of the most inexpensive embellishments I have in my craft room. And with the small price tag, its easy to add several colors to you collection at once.

The bottle has a fine tip that makes squeezing out the right amount very easy. Also, the tip makes placement of the glue a breeze, especially on small embellishments, like brads, die cut lettering, and flowers. You are able to draw lines and patterns, and have precise control of the glue.

There are several types of Stickles and not all give the same effect. Some Stickles colors, for instance, have iridescent glitter and tend to be more transparent, but also have more sparkle. The Tim Holtz Signature series has chunkier glitter with less shine, so it has a duller look, more like vintage glass glitter. The Tim Holtz Signature series has a larger tip on the bottle for the chunkier glitter, and color coordinates with Tim’s Distress Ink line of products.

My two favorite colors of Stickles are Diamond & Icicle. Both have the iridescent quality and are fairly transparent. They work well with almost every color surface I have put them on, because the color of the surface shows through. Diamond also has a finer grain of glitter than Icicle, so it has a more refined look. For first time users, I always recommend on of these two colors for you to try. I also recommend storing the bottles upside down so the glue stays near the tip and prevents it from drying out before it’s time. I saw an idea on one blog where the crafter put small magnets on the bottom of her bottles and attached them to a metal tray she mounted under her craft room cabinet. They were just above her workspace and very handy as they were right in front of her. Brilliant!

Let us know if you have used Stickles and what you think of this product by leaving a comment below. One lucky person will win a .5 oz. bottle of Stickles from Studio Getaway! Winner will be drawn at 12pm on Thursday, May 7th.

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