It's that time of year... scrapbook his big kill. You know the one. That big deer he brought down he's so darn proud of... how many points was it?
I'm talking to all the hunting-widows out there.
If you are like me, you probably have more photos of your husband posing with his hunting trophy than with you. And, you are probably less bitter about it than I am. Nonetheless, these photos should make it into your scrapbooks, right? Wouldn't that be sweet of you?

We have some new supplies in stock for all those hunting photos, and a few that are great for camping and 4 wheeling, too.

He'll love that you put his trophy in your scrapbook. He'll probably love it so much, he'd be willing to go out and snag another one next year just so he can get another photo for you to scrapbook! Wouldn't that be sweet of him?

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