10 Weeks of Christmas: Week 8

Week 8: Calendar Card Book!

This is an awesome gift for people that plan ahead for sending any sort of card! 

This is a calendar book where each month has a pocket where you can put any cards you need to send for that month.  We also put a perpetual calendar on the bottom with a line so you can write down your birthdays for the month!

Very easy to make... we just used a larger plain sheet of card stock and folded the bottom up to make the pocket.  Then we decorated the top of the sheet and put the calendar on the bottom.  We spiral bound our book but you could also three hole punch and use (and decorate) rings.  Very customizable!  

It's a great way to keep track of the cards you buy ahead of time 
(so you don't end up buying more than one because you forgot you bought the first one!)

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