Heat Embossing

Embossing is a great way to enhance a stamped image. The raised, shiny plastic coating adds a whole new dimension to stamping, and you'll have non-stampers wondering how you've achieved such a professional look.
The technique is easy to do!!!! Stamp the image to be embossed and sprinkle embossing powder quickly over the wet stamped image. Remove any excess powder from around the stamped image by lightly tapping the paper. Use a heat source to make the powder melt and give the raised embossed effect.
There are a variety of embossing powder types here are jsut a few  examples.
Regular & Pearls:
  • Embossing Powders: Embellish your artwork with the elegance of Professional Embossing.
  • Embossing Pearls: Translucent powders create a pearlescent glow over any color ink.
Tinsels & Foils:
  • Embossing Tinsels: add a dash of glitz to your embossings.
  • Embossing Foils: create the smooth, satin look of holiday wrapping paper.
Antiquities &
Ancient Gold:
  • Embossing Antiquities: Fashion today's artwork into tomorrow's collectibles with texturized faux finishes from yesteryear.
  • Ancient Golds: The finest, most extensive line of golden embossing powders.
Detail Powders:
  • Super fine detail powders.

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