Ink Choices....

What is your favorite ink?
There are so many to choose from!
Besides choosing brands you also have to
know what types of ink you want.

Dye-based ink

Dye-based ink is quick-drying and excellent for basic stamping. The  hard felt padmakes it difficult to over-ink your stamp. Dye-based ink soaks into the fibres of the paper rather than sitting on top. Some dye-based inks are waterproof when dry, some are not. Dye-based ink sometimes fade over time. To avoid this, look for ink pads labelled as ‘archival’ or ‘fade-resistant

Pigment ink

Pigment inks are slow-drying and ideal for  embossing,  theystay moist long enough for the embossing powder to stick to the inked area.  Unlike dye-based ink, pigment ink dries on the surface of the card rather than soaking into the fibres, This allows  the colours to  look more vibrant than dye-based inks.This does make then not the best choice for  stamping on coated or glossy card as the ink won’t dry unless you intend on heat setting them.

Solvent-based inks

Solvent-based inks are quick-drying, permanent inks. As they can be used on any surface they are ideal for stamping on all kinds of card, acetate, glass and even metal. and the ever popular Tiles used in making coasters. StazOn is my choice of solvent-based ink, as it has a mild smell and is available in many colours.

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