Stamping Addiction or Craft?

Some say that stamping is a craft, some say it is a addition. I am in favor of both. I love to stamp and make cards. It is a lot like therapy, only cheaper.  Therapy does not involves a room full of friends and food!  That is my kind of therapy. How do you feel about it addition or craft?  My other curiosity is about how many stamps does one have, I find every time I am going to make more cards I think oh.. I should go see if I need a new stamp.
One time my husband said " you should look at your stamps and see if they is any you could put in the Used a Bit Sale" , I said why do I get to buy more ? His reply was no you can keep what ever does not sell. Needless to say I did not put any in the sale!!  I just can not part with my stamp no matter how many times I have used them.   Let's hear from some of you.......

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